DigPINS: Identity

How did I decide to enroll in DigPINS?

My colleague Lainie is a facilitator for Pedagome’s DigPINS. Listening to her describe the project was my initial motivator to sign up and I knew that immersing myself into the experience would be my best starting point. It’s also a great opportunity to see how DigPINS could work for our faculty here at CU Denver. I have some internal conflicts with my use of social media and want more exposure to the many ways it can be leveraged positively.


This week we were prompted to create a Visitor and Resident map. Without further ado, here is mine:


Of course, now that I’ve drawn out this map, I realize things are missing (helloooooo Netflix/Hulu/Work Blog). That’s the beauty of identity though, it’s always shifting and evolving, so it’s okay to miss things. One interesting exploration in my personal life is that I am currently trying to distance myself from being active on Facebook. This stems largely from feeling drained by the content posted there (I find a lot of it trivial) and the new Stanford study, The Welfare Effects of Social Media.

Some questions that I aim to explore:

  • How to I curate a professional digital identity that represents me accurately AND protects my mental health?

  • What are the best options that work for me to keep a consistent digital presence?