DigPINS: Networks

Oh networking, something I’ve been considering often as of late.

Side-note-but-at-the-beginning note: This Thursday I will be at the CU Online Spring Symposium- which is a fun day of learning and f2f networking, primarily with faculty who teach online at CU Denver (with some other great institutions as well)! Sad to miss the slow chat going on, but I will survive :)


Professionally: I interact with my CU colleagues, Pedagome gnomes, EDSurge Loop participants, and people within and beyond my LinkedIn connections. Sometimes I feel like I’ve stunted my professional networking because I do not like to take work home. I’m a big proponent of work/life balance, and since I know that about myself, I should (WILL!) dedicate time each day (week?) towards networking. I have so much more to say about my personal networks…

Personally: This is a bit in flux because I am trying to mindfully stay off Facebook (some days are better than others). I used to be a member of several groups that are an offshoot of a popular parenting podcast, but I chose to leave almost all of them a few weeks ago. The short reason for this was that people were being assholes within an echo chamber. I follow a few pages on FB (and IG) that represent marginalized voices. I use these to learn more than network and I want to do more of this.

On Snapchat, I interact with friends and family members- I like the little sneak peeks into their daily lives.

I use FB Messenger primarily for a group chat with 11 other moms who all had babies around the same time I did. It’s a good place to share milestones, let off some steam, ask for advice.

On IG I follow mostly friends and family with a few tattoo artists, celebs, and progressive influencers thrown in. I probably should go through and follow/unfollow more on IG.

Current favorite follows and where I follow them:

  • the_yvesdropper (IG)

  • nothing_to_worry_about (IG)

  • theLLAG (Twitter)

  • nancy.birthwhistle (IG)

I’m trying to consciously visit/subscribe to spaces that do not represent me and/or help me grow. I am a cishet white woman, there are millions of places on the internet dominated by people like me. The internet/world is not just for people like me. My network does not need to be made of people just like me. There are things that could potentially set me apart (atheist, first generation college student) but I can easily pass in most spaces with my white privilege backpack.

Random thoughts

  1. Thinking about my approach to working through content, I’m pretty sure I embody the nightmare student for many professors/instructors/facilitators. I rarely look at things in their prescribed order. I never look at the intro video first. EVER. And I rarely peruse didactic content in listed order. Haha (or muhahah?). But honestly, it helps me frame discussions with faculty designing online courses- unless you really need to prescribe order, don’t do it! You can’t/shouldn’t control your students. Also, I wrote this post before commenting on last weeks posts from my #DigPINS colleagues. Oops?

  2. The Wisdom and Madness of Crowds was not my thing. I struggle with puzzles, especially logic ones. It took me a lot longer than 30 minutes. I had to take breaks because I didn’t want to end up so frustrated that I would miss out on the underlying meaning. I probably would have handled it better if I partnered with someone. Now that I think of it, if I show my puzzle loving husband, he will probably “solve” the prompts easily.

  3. My approach to networking has been heavily impacted by becoming a parent 20 months ago (in my case, a mother). I envy those who did not experience crippling postpartum depression, and I would not wish it (or depression, anxiety, etc.) on anyone. For a long time, I didn’t realize that I lost in the forest, repeatedly attempting and failing to claw my way out. I was “fortunate” (not the best word choice) that this dark time centered on myself versus my daughter and husband. This period meant that I did/do not have a lot of energy to converse/network with strangers. I still struggle, but it’s getting better. I wish I knew then what I know now.